In looking at the fields in Collections Pests and those in the original Zpest I could see that the Zpest Tracker need a few more fields. So I added Building, Floor and Room.

Now the idea of how to identify where an observation was is based on this ideology:

AREA is the largest designation. An Area would be something like “South Campus”, “Offsite Storage A”, “Washington Street” and so on. An Area could contain one or more buildings.

BUILDING – just that – a building contains one or more floors.

FLOOR – contains one or more rooms.

LOCATION – that is the more exact designation of where a trap or observation is or was. If it was in a room, then once a person was in the room the location should give them a good idea where to look for the Trap.

In some cases I’ve seen there is no building, floor or room. In one such case the storage was a piece of property. Then there would be an AREA and LOCATION such as AREA – back lot. LOCATION – north west corner.



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