Some of the fields in the Zpest Tracker database:

  • Trapid – this is a unique identifier for a “trap”. Originally the trapid was a number or id code specifying a particular physical trap. Over time we have realized that this was limiting. Besides the observations or counts from physical traps there are visual observations by staff. Although the types of observations are different the important information is that a pest was seen or counted in a particular location.
  • Location – a location is a particular spot within the institute. The vast majority of the time it will be at a building, on a floor within a room in a particular area. For the occasions where the observation is outside the building I suggest using something like “North of Building 3” as the building. Location in the online browsing is a virtual field made of the building, floor and room fields.
  • Area – the area is used to pin point a location. The general use would be “near main entrance” or “south west corner”. It should give a person that is the correct Building, Floor and Room a good idea of where the observation was.
  • Lifestage – This is a set of terms determined by the IPM Working Group. They are Adult, Juvenile, Larva, Nymph or Puparia.
  • Risk – also a set of terms determined by the IPM Working Group. They are Incidental, Indicator, Nuisance, Pest and Predator.


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