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October – Zpest editor interface has been updated – tablet and mobile friendly.

Zpest Tracker enhances and extends all of the functions in the original Zpests, a comprehensive program built using the guidelines of the Integrated Pest Management Working Group recommendations for efficiently organizing pest observations.

Now Featuring over 14 Reports – 5 different styles

Zpest Tracker provides 14 different  reports available in 5 different styles that you can use to evaluate the effectiveness of your
report1samplepest management program. Click here for a list of reports.

Reports by location, trap id, pest name and more.

Reports are designed to be filtered easily so you can identify the specific areas of concern most important to you.

One click to gets a backup of your data for downloading. And it’s in a CSV format so you can import it directly into Excel or other software.

Zpest Tracker – Fully Supported on PC, Mac, Android Pad or iPad

The new Zpest Tracker has been developed for all current software.

Zpest Tracker can be run from any computer or device that can browse the internet: a PC, a Mac, an Android Pad, an iPad.

Data Converted for Current Zpest Tracker Users

Yes! If you are a current user of Zpest’s original stand alone program and would like to use this new expanded online version, we can easily convert all of your data.


Zpest Tracker is $99 paid yearly.

An Affordable Robust Program:
Try if for FREE for 60 Days

Click here – try it for FREE for 60 days.

An Overview

Stemming from my involvement with the Integrated Pest Management Working Group, I wrote the original pest tracking program, Zpests. I was able to offer Zpests as a standalone program via the web site. After several years Zpests evolved into the Collection Pests site. Collection Pests became an extensive pest tracking online tool, providing extensive user options and tracking a wide range of data points.

Your Feedback Helped Slim Down Collection Pests

After listening to the feedback, I determined that Collection Pests was, in fact, more extensive than many people need. It was “too much of a good thing.” In the spirit of “continuous improvement,” I went back to the drawing board. The result was Zpest Tracker, a much leaner program that met the needs of users at many institutions.

Software Marches On….And Zpest Tracker follows….

Anyone in programming realizes that change is constant. Advances in computers and software soon made the original Zpests outdated. My goal for the new Zpest Tracker is to continue to fill the need with enhancements that bring the program up to today’s standards. Therefore, this second version of pest tracking is starting as an online tool.

Standalone? Time will Tell!

I originally wanted to provide a standalone version of the Collection Pests program, but the operating system software and programming software were simply not conducive. Nevertheless, I am looking at the newer available tools to see if it will be possible to make Zpest Tracker a standalone program.

Also – I’ve been in talks with others that will assist in getting a smartphone app for both Android and iPhone to allow using the site on those devices. Given that it was user comments that guided me in the revision of the original Zpests, I eagerly await feedback on the new Zpest Tracker.

So please – let me know if there’s something you need or think would be a good addition.

Thank you, Leon Zak

Quick Look

Zpest Tracker is an online tool to track pest observations (counts and types). It includes a reporting module for viewing trends and evaluating pest management practices.

What does it do?

Zpest Tracker is a tool built using the guidelines of the Integrated Pest Management Working Group recommendations that you use to log and organize your pest observations. It has various built in reports that you can use to evaluate the effectiveness of your pest management program.


Why a new ZPest?

The original program is over 10 years old and was written for Windows XP. XP is no longer supported by Microsoft. Windows 7 systems could run an XP instance but only on the pro and above versions. Windows 8 had some XP abilities and it looks like Windows 10 is saying “Give up the ghost”. This online version can be run from any computer or device that can browse the internet. Use a  PC, a Mac, an Android Pad, an iPad – you choose. A smart device app has been in the design stage for a few months and is being developed as a companion product, both Android and Apple.browsepic1 Good news – If you are a current ZPest user and would like to use the online version we can convert your data. Is it free like Zpests was? Zpests was a standalone program that required no additional services after it was downloaded and installed. Zpest Tracker is an online tool with ongoing expenses and therefore I cannot offer it for free. Zpest Tracker is $15 per month, or $99 paid yearly ($51 discount). It will include the first 30 days free so you can see if this resource will work for you.

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