This section allows you to browse or scroll through all of your inspections. There are some conveniences built into this section:

  • There are arrows at the top of the browse list that will let you move around the list
    • |< jumps to the top of the list
    • < moves back 10 entries
    • > moves forward 10 entries
    • >| moves to the bottom of the list
  • The names of the fields will change the sorting order of the list. For example clicking on the word COMMON will sort the list by the common name in descending order. Once the list is in descending order clicking on it a second time will sort by the common name in ascending order.
  • Click on the Edit icon at the left to edit that record. You will be put into the Add/Edit screen with that record in the editable fields.
  • Click on the far right red Delete icon to remove a record. It is immediately removed from the database.
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